Smirnoff Mindtunes Project


The Russian vodka producer Smirnoff sponsored a song and calls it the »Mindtunes« Project. DJ Fresh, PhD. Julien Castet and three physically handicapped music fans (Andy, Mark and Jo) composed the song with brainwaves and mixed them together. It’s worth listening to it! The music got composed by the three music fans and PhD. Julien Castet measured their brain waves using the ElectroEncephaloGraphy device (EEG). These recordings got mixed together by the  British dubstep and drum ‘n bass producer DJ Fresh.

The moving force behind this project is the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for disabled people (QEF). The raised money with this song will help the QEF and another benefit in my opinion is to show the potential of the three guys. They made a good job with the song (Download via iTunes here)

This video shows the process of creating and gives an idea of the sound:


Image by: TheArches – (CC-BY-2.0)