Phonebloks – A new era of smartphones? (Project Ara)

Recently Google and Motorola collaborated with Designer Dave Hakkens and they want to produce the modular smartphone. What is a modular smartphone and why is it like Lego? The idea of the modular Smartphone could lead to a new era of smartphones with a lot of possibilities and customization. Furthermore the design is sustainable and saves important resources.

What is this Phonebloks thing?

A smartphone has a lot different hardware specifications. For example a camera with 5.0 Megapixels, an internal memory with 8 GB and everything is controlled by a small quad-core-processor. But what if you need a new camera or the 8 GB isn’t enough memory anymore? You have to buy a new smartphone I guess. That means that you get everything new. New camera, new internal memory and a new processor. You pay for everything, everything gets new produced and a lot of work is required. Dave Hakkens seems to have the best solution for this problem! Phonebloks

A modular smartphone!

Before I continue you should see this video. It almost answers every question:

How does this look to you? I think the idea of a individual smartphone that is sustainable and can be totally like you

want it is awesome! It’s like creating a phone with Lego on your own and you don’t need to worry that your phone will be out of date after a year. Just get the required hardware modular unit you need and assemble it.

The whole idea started as a crowd-funding project and Motorola wrote about it. Since Motorola has been bought by Google the possibility to realize this project is growing because of Google’s good engineers.

Minimize the electronic waste!

I hope Phonebloks will be a product for the mass market and will be a success. The smartphones we have now aren’t the best way of communicating and there has to be a change. Support projects like the fairphone and Phonebloks. It’s a phone worth keeping.
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Images taken from – CC BY-SA 3.0