Let’s fight deforestation – Facts, Knowledge and more

30% of the land area our planet has, is covered by forest. That is a very big amount if you compare landmass to water on our planet.
Sadly we do everything we can to decrease the amount of trees on our planet. The biggest problem is the methodical deforestation of the rain forest mainly in Brasil and Indonesia. Lets look at some facts: Continue reading “Let’s fight deforestation – Facts, Knowledge and more”

A beautiful documentary about the Camp at the Union Glacier in the West Antarctica

This documentary or portrait shows the preparing for the season in the arctic summer when scientist and tourists come to visit the camp at the Union Glacier. Studiocanoe made a documentary with the touch of a Wes Anderson movie which I like.

The “holiday” season at the South Pole needs preparation and a small team of people from all over the world are setting up the camp. Kitchen, tents, vehicles, roads and a lot of others getting prepared to make living at the South Pole a bit more bearable. Besides learning what’s going on down there, the arctic shows an almost untouched and peaceful world.

A few quick facts about the antarctic:

The Antarctic is home to albatrosses, emperor penguins, seals, whales and a lot of other animals. The ice can be about 4,500m thick and it contains about 75% of all sweet water reserves of the whole planet. The average temperature is -55 Degrees Celsius and once sunk down to -89,4 Degrees Celsius in 1983. The Antarctic remains to be an place which is only open for scientific researches and observation. Let’s hope it stays like that 🙂

The Ocean Clean Up final time

The Ocean Clean Up is my favorite project. I think it has a huge impact on our environment and living conditions. Why do I blog about this again? Because the target of $2m has not been achieved yet. The funding is 31 more days and need $647.000 to succeed. So let’s do this!

The funding can be found here: https://fund.theoceancleanup.com/

Things you should know about renewable energy

You probably heard a lot about renewable energies and why they are important. Today we know that we need a different way to produce energy than burning fossil fuels like coal or gas. We already do this and we are developing more and more ways and increase the efficiency of the existing energies. This article will give you an overview over the existing types and explains how they work and how efficient they are. Continue reading “Things you should know about renewable energy”

The Bottle Light Bulb provides light for a low-budget

Alfredo Moser invented the light bulb that doesn’t need power and is made out of a bottle and water! Image your room has no windows and the sun is locked outside. So what could you do? Cut a hole in the roof? Possible but only a small spot would get light. Cut many holes in the roof. Also a solution but what if it rains? Continue reading “The Bottle Light Bulb provides light for a low-budget”

Eco-seals & Fairtrade-seals – What do they do?

A lot of different quality seals are on the products we use daily. It requires some time to figure out what each one of them mean. Ecological, sustainable production or fair trade – A quality seal should help the customer to orientate in the product jungle. Take a look at a lot of different seals here!

Continue reading “Eco-seals & Fairtrade-seals – What do they do?”