The green towers in Milan – The vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale)

A vertical forest in the city with trees growing? Sounds weird! But an Italian architect made it possible. Two residential towers have been built in the Milan, Italy. The idea to create a sustainable project in the metropolitan area in Milan is a good step towards a greener city!  Continue reading “The green towers in Milan – The vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale)”

Solar energy in Germany

Solar energy is currently booming. Especially Germany is putting a lot of effort in it and about 5% (28,000 GWh) of all electricity consumption in Germany were produced by Solar energy panels in 2012. All renewable energies (Wind Energy, hydropower, biomass and solar energy) are responsible for 25.8 % of all power usage. On a sunny day the complete amount of electricity power caused by solar energy can be from 30% – 40%. Continue reading “Solar energy in Germany”

Slam Shell 2013 – Shell’s greenwashing event fails

In December 2013 Shell invited people and the press to show that their company is not as bad as we think. They are of course an environmentally friendly company and never spill oil. Every year 100.000 tons of oil are leaking into the oceans and destroying the habitats of humans and animal-life. Furthermore Shell plans to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic which is a huge misery in my opinion. So they need to get stopped. Two activists of project »Slam Shell« showed how.

Continue reading “Slam Shell 2013 – Shell’s greenwashing event fails”

Why you should ride a bike

The most air pollution is caused by transport vehicles like cars. Most of the time people are driving alone to work or to buy groceries. This causes traffics jams, air pollution and noise. The on-road vehicles are responsible for over a third of the global carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides amounts in our atmosphere. The health threads are higher for people living in crowded cities and the CO2-Emission can reduce the lifetime by 2-3 years. Continue reading “Why you should ride a bike”