Leather and meat without killing animals

Leather and meat without killing animals sounds great for me! But how is that possible and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Andras Forgacs comes up with a solution which is not only realizable and has a lot of advantages. It is already working!

Andras Forgacs and his dad started to print and develop human body parts with a 3D-Printer and then found a way to grow leather from stem cells.

In 2012 we had 60 Billion land animals for 7 Billion humans. These animals produce a lot of greenhouse gases, use 33% of ice-free land on our planet and the industry requires 8% of our global fresh water resources. So why is leather from the labor better? It reduces all theses bad attributes of the meat industry is one. Another big one is, that the leather can be shaped like a handbag for example. So the design starts while the leather is growing and besides that the leather Andras Forgacs developed can have any texture you want. It can be thick or thin, it can be soft or hard and also there are no wounds from other animals or mosquito bites in the leather.

I told enough now. See the TED-Talk from Andras Forgacs here:

For more Information check out the official website

Screenshot taken from youtube