Eco-seals & Fairtrade-seals – What do they do?

A lot of different quality seals are on the products we use daily. It requires some time to figure out what each one of them mean. Ecological, sustainable production or fair trade – A quality seal should help the customer to orientate in the product jungle. Take a look at a lot of different seals here!

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Why you should ride a bike

The most air pollution is caused by transport vehicles like cars. Most of the time people are driving alone to work or to buy groceries. This causes traffics jams, air pollution and noise. The on-road vehicles are responsible for over a third of the global carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides amounts in our atmosphere. The health threads are higher for people living in crowded cities and the CO2-Emission can reduce the lifetime by 2-3 years. Continue reading “Why you should ride a bike”

Fair Trade Fashion Mode Labels – These companies produce ecological

Fashion is a really big problem for our environment and health. Read here what the problems and which companies solve and avoid these issues. Find an overview over fashion brands who are producing responsible and eco-friendly products. Continue reading “Fair Trade Fashion Mode Labels – These companies produce ecological”

Greenpeace crashes Grand-Prix Circuit in Belgium

Shell planned to drill for oil in the arctic area. So far they weren’t really successful and after a few embarrassing attempts Royal Dutch Shell decided not to go there again in 2013. To prevent further attempts and to make the arctic a nature sanctuary Greenpeace came up with some ideas! Continue reading “Greenpeace crashes Grand-Prix Circuit in Belgium”