Why is a tree so important for our planet?

Why are trees in general so important for our environment and how much CO2 can a tree absorb in a year? Trees are very important, they are the lungs of our planet! Learn about the biggest forests and their use here.Let’s start with a little overview about trees.

  • There are two main groups of trees (Broad-leaved tree and conifer)
  • About 650 different conifer are known and more than 1,000 broad-leaved trees
  • The oldest tree can be found in Sweden and is approximately 9,550 years old
  • Every fifth tree will be used for paper
  • 25 Million trees are used for 45 billion chopsticks every year (in China)
  • The biggest forest is in Russia (809 million hectares)

How much CO2 can a tree absorb?

tree-in-forestA lot of different influences are responsible for the amount of CO2 a tree can absorb in a year. The tree can absorb or convert more CO2 into oxygen if the tree has enough water, age, how the soil conditions are and the vegetation! The older the tree is the more oxygen will be produced and more CO2 is absorbed. A 80 year old beech absorbed approximately 1 ton of CO2 in it’s lifespan. So every year about 12.5 kilogram. You can find a very nice calculator here

The most important part about trees

Trees have two essential attributes: Oxygen and food. That means they are essential for our life on earth and besides that they have a lot of more very important functions.

Trees Clean the Soil

A tree can clean the soil from dangerous chemicals and other pollutants. They filter the sewage and chemicals for a cleaner soil, which is an advantage for the tree and other plants around it. Furthermore it loosens the ground with it roots.

Absorb Noise Pollution

In the right place a tree can reduce the noise pollution which is caused by freeways, harbors or airports. A thick treetop swallows the engine sounds and the wind in the leafs causes a more enjoyable sound.

Cleaner Air

Not only carbon dioxide is filtered by trees and turned into oxygen. Different particles like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are getting also filtered. This causes a cleaner air and retaining particulates.

A cool spot

In the summertime you probably like hanging around under a tree and benefit from the trees shade. So do buildings and other things like cars. Urban areas with no trees are way more hotter than areas with trees.

Looking for a shelter?

During a cold and windy seasons a tree offers shelter and acts as a windbreak. This also not only benefits humans and animals, its also helpful to lower the heating costs for your home.

The beauty of a tree

To have a tree in the garden or a street packed with trees improves your neighborhood and will have a positive effect on your life.

Help to grow trees and plant now!

How can you help to reduce the deforesting of trees all around the world or help growing new ones? You have different opportunities!

Buy responsible furniture and check where the wood is coming from and how the rules are about replanting new trees! Some countries have strict rules about woodcutting. Take care that you don’t buy rainforest woods and from other huge forests!

Buy a tree partnership or help local projects to grow forests in your area like this one here for Glasgow.

A a list with nice projects regarding trees and forests:



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