A beautiful documentary about the Camp at the Union Glacier in the West Antarctica

This documentary or portrait shows the preparing for the season in the arctic summer when scientist and tourists come to visit the camp at the Union Glacier. Studiocanoe made a documentary with the touch of a Wes Anderson movie which I like.

The “holiday” season at the South Pole needs preparation and a small team of people from all over the world are setting up the camp. Kitchen, tents, vehicles, roads and a lot of others getting prepared to make living at the South Pole a bit more bearable. Besides learning what’s going on down there, the arctic shows an almost untouched and peaceful world.

A few quick facts about the antarctic:

The Antarctic is home to albatrosses, emperor penguins, seals, whales and a lot of other animals. The ice can be about 4,500m thick and it contains about 75% of all sweet water reserves of the whole planet. The average temperature is -55 Degrees Celsius and once sunk down to -89,4 Degrees Celsius in 1983. The Antarctic remains to be an place which is only open for scientific researches and observation. Let’s hope it stays like that 🙂

The Bottle Light Bulb provides light for a low-budget

Alfredo Moser invented the light bulb that doesn’t need power and is made out of a bottle and water! Image your room has no windows and the sun is locked outside. So what could you do? Cut a hole in the roof? Possible but only a small spot would get light. Cut many holes in the roof. Also a solution but what if it rains? Continue reading “The Bottle Light Bulb provides light for a low-budget”

Learn about our planet with these awesome mini episodes

The YouTube channel MinuteEarth teaches you small interesting things about our planet. They have 16 episodes so far and each of them is approximately 2:30 minutes. Science facts like »Why are leaves green?« or »Why does earth have deserts?« are getting explained in a very easy and nice made way. Continue reading “Learn about our planet with these awesome mini episodes”

How big is the ocean? Facts you didn’t know about our oceans

Scott Gass is giving us an awesome view on the biggest thing on this planet: The ocean. Roughly  71 % of the worlds surface is water. In the depth there are a lot of different things you probably didn’t know. The biggest mountain or the biggest canyon can be found under the water. Explore amazing facts about the ocean. Continue reading “How big is the ocean? Facts you didn’t know about our oceans”