The Bottle Light Bulb provides light for a low-budget

Alfredo Moser invented the light bulb that doesn’t need power and is made out of a bottle and water! Image your room has no windows and the sun is locked outside. So what could you do? Cut a hole in the roof? Possible but only a small spot would get light. Cut many holes in the roof. Also a solution but what if it rains?The Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser has a solution which is very simple but yet very helpful! A bottle filled with water and a black lid works perfectly! Refraction is the key to success here. The refraction makes the light beams spread into the room and lighten it.

The installation of the bottles is quite easy. Drill a hole of the size of your bottle into the ceiling and stick the bottle into it. To seal the hole Alfredo Moser uses polyester resin which will stop rain from going into the room. Here is how it looks like: