The beautiful national anthem of the Seychelles

While browsing the internet I found the interesting national anthem of the Seychelles. It’s interesting what the countries are singing about in their national anthems and so far the Seychelles have the most awesome in my opinion. I really like the lyrics.

Lyrics of the Seychelles national anthem in English:

Koste Seselwa” (Join together all Seychellois)

Seychelles you are our only motherland
Where we live in harmony,
Joy, love and peace
We give thanks to God

Preserve the beauty of our country
The richness of our ocean
A precious heritage
For the future of our children

Let us always be united
As we hoist our flag
Together, for all eternity
Come together Seychellois!

The original lyrics can be found on Wikipedia here and they are sung in Kreol

Here is the anthem on Youtube

Image by Olivier Gryson – (CC-BY-2.0)