Greenpeace crashes Grand-Prix Circuit in Belgium

Shell planned to drill for oil in the arctic area. So far they weren’t really successful and after a few embarrassing attempts Royal Dutch Shell decided not to go there again in 2013. To prevent further attempts and to make the arctic a nature sanctuary Greenpeace came up with some ideas!The Grand Prix in Belgium on the 25th of August was a small success for Greenpeace. With banners and a bunch of people Greenpeace raised attraction for the plans of Shell. Royal Dutch Shell tries currently to drill for oil in the arctic. This could cause a huge environmental damage to the existing eco-system. To prevent this Greenpeace came up with this website where you can sign the petition and support Greenpeace!

Furthermore Greenpeace biggest thing during the Grand-Prix were two remote banners which came up during the winners-ceremony. Check this out:

To support Greenpeace and make a change: Sign the petition and spread the word! The arctic will thank you and it’s totally worth it.

Image by: Derek Keats – (CC-BY-2.0)