The breathing/pulsing of the Earth

These pictures of our Earth let it looks like it is breathing. A deep breath in and out. Or is it more like a heartbeat? John Nelson visualized twelve cloud-free images provided by the NASA to this awesome GIF

This is the visualization of Earths four Seasons:

12 Different images of our planet stitched together (Click for larger image)


Overview on breating earth

The Earth seen from space – how the four seasons look from space (click for larger version)

John Nelson is a designer from Lansing, MI, United States and saved 12 images from the NASA’s Visible Earth Team. The pictures are showing the Earth every month (cloud-free) from space. They can visualize the different between the four seasons. After John Nelson stitched them it was clear to see how the seasons must look from space. The result is really cool to see.

Image by: John Nelson –