The Ocean Clean up becomes reality

In June 2013 I wrote about a young student from Delft (NL) and his idea to clean  the big plastic garbage patches in the Ocean. Now this whole project starts to shape and becomes real. A crowd-funded clean up mission starts and we all can help very easy!The plastic garbage patches are big but its feasible to defeat them and clean the mess.This, a bit exaggerated video t, shows a bit of the progress and what will come next.

So what can you do to help? Donate money. For 4,56 € (6,18$) a kilogram can be extracted  from the oceans. Not that much I think and the fund raising is already at 535.000$ (pledged goal is 2.000.000$) and 88 days to go. So be a part of it and chip in some money! Here you can find the Crowd funding campaign and the rewards you get for donating a specific amount of money: