3D-Prints to heal broken arms

Plaster casts are almost the only thing to heal a broken bone. They heal it but they also make your skin smelly and itchy. Jake Evill maybe has the solution to get rid of this annoying plaster cast.3D-Printing offers more and more opportunities to make individual solutions for our daily routines and problems we are confronted with. Jake Evill developed a 3D-printed exoskeletal cast. Starting with an x-ray to locate the break and a scan of the arm the exoskeletal cast can be produced. The 3D-Printer produces based on the data a perfect individual fitting  cast.

The times of sitting next to the pool in the summer and showering with a big trash bag are over. The exoskeletal cast is water-resistant and is breathable. Jake Evill named the cast »Cortex«

Learn more about this awesome project on Jake Evill’s Homepage

Image by: Jake Evill