»Buycott« App your new shopping adviser

Do we know what we buy these days? Which company produces which product and are there any unwanted ingredients inside? The app »Buycott« (iOS & Android) helps out with these problems and provides some other nice features!

In times of Genetically modified foods and companies you don’t want to support you have to take care which groceries you buy. »Buycott« lets you decide what you want to avoid and which campaign you want to support. In my example I have choose Nestlé Australia (Why? See: Nestle CEO: Water is not a human right via youtube). If I start the app I have the opportunity to scan Barcodes. So far the application supports the common barcode types (UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN8, EAN13, etc. …).

When scanning a barcode »Buycott« will find out which company owns that product and who is owning that company. A Kit Kat Chunky was my first victim and because I have joined the campaign Nestlé Australia »Buycott« is reminding me that I’m avoiding this brand.

I like this app because you can decide on your own either if you want to avoid a brand or not just by choosing the campaigns. It also doesn’t recommend any products or brands, you’ll only get information.

You need to register to use this app and its available here for iOS and Android (Google Play)

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Image by: cptmuh