projects – please take some free food

Maybe you have been happy because you found a tree with apples on it while taking a walk. With this awesome project you can plan your walking route to pick up more fruits, herbs and more!

The website is called and it provides information about trees in your local neighborhood. On a Google Map with 557 Million data records you can easily see where which tree or plant grows and what it provides. For example you can filter for apple trees in your area and then go there easily to pick them up. The website is growing and you still can provide data.

It’s a lot of available data and a huge amount of trees and plants so I was a bit confused and so far most of the locations are based in the U.S.. For European countries you can use Sadly it’s in German but the information are a bit more easier to work with and the website itself is easy to handle.

All in all I’ve to say, that I like and it’s a really nice thing to get the falling fruits from the ground and don’t let them decompose.

Image: weisserstier – (CC-BY-2.0)

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