Follow fish – a solution for transparency in fishing

If you buy a can of tuna or a pizza with sea food, do you know where all these fishes and shells came from? I guess you don’t and if you care the company “follow fish” might be interesting for you. 

This company is about transparency in fishing. The products do have a tracking-code like a normal packet. this tracking-code shows detailed information about the product you bought or you’re about to buy.

The code delivers many information like:

  • product (tuna, …)
  • fishing area (Maldives, …)
  • origin (Indian ocean,…)
  • fishing method (pole & line, …)
  • geo-location (will be shown on google maps)
  • transport route (Maldives > Germany)
  • frozen storage

The fishing process is very well picked and it’s optimized to have less by-catch as possible. Follow Fish is about sustainability and a fair deal between the customer and the fisherman:

The company was founded  by a passionate team of fish vendors from Germany.

Further information:

Image by: Veronika Kieneke