Breakdance Project Uganda

Uganda is land-locked country in East Africa with a wide variety of wildlife and nature. In 2010 Uganda had 33,425,000 inhabitants, 10,000 of them are street kids who have to beg and live under filthy conditions in urban areas. To help those kids the Breakdance Project Uganda was founded.

The BPU (Breakdance Project Uganda) works with these kids through art, culture and social activities. Through these activities and services the BPU can give the street kids an opportunity to develop their selves and give them hope. Life-Skills workshops, free and regular breakdance lessons are offered. Collaboration and sharing of skills are a big plus. Everybody can participate and provide their own skills to help others and learn more stuff.

The whole project is financed by donations, merchandise and sponsors.

See BPU in action:

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Image by: Sille Ranfelt