Talking Tree and his feed

In Brussels (Belgium) lives a tree with senses and the ability to let us know how it feels and more. It  can listen, smell, see and feel. As a tree it’s also able to express itself via twitter or facebook!

The »talking tree project« is a collaboration of Siemens, Natuurpunt and Eos Magazine. A 100 year old oak is now modern like your smartphone. Equipped with a light meter, webcam, a fine dust meter, ozone meter, weather station and a microphone it tweets, posts on Flickr, shares sounds via Soundcloud and you can be friends on Facebook!

With the different tools the talking tree is able, to measure the air pollution, to tell if it’s day or night and it records sounds from birds for examples with the microphone. The last tweet via twitter:

A video with a quick overview about the tree:


If you want to listen to his stories and see how he is doing:

The talking tree has a german brother now

Image by: perrylane – (CC-BY-2.0)