Viva con agua – clean drinking water

A few years ago i supported »Viva Con Agua« by collecting refund-cups on the splash festival in Germany. I learnt about the beautiful idea behind »Viva Con Agua«.

»Viva Con Agua« was founded in 2005 in Hamburg, Germany. Since then they finished a lot of projects (17 are listed on their homepage). These projects are about the supply of fresh water for a village or a city. Most off them are in Africa for example Uganda or ethiopia. »Viva Con Agua« builds wells and water pumps. The organisation is working with donations. The crowd-founding process which »Viva Con Agua« has chosen is interesting because they collect refund bottles or cups for example on big festivals or parties.

To give you an idea how they work:

If you are interested or want to support this organisation you can visit:

Image by: alexberlin2012 – (CC-BY-2.0)