»Cradle to Cradle« – concept

The »Cradle to Cradle« concept is not only about sustainability and recycling. It is also about higher product standards which will lead to a better quality and lifetime of single items. The way we make our products at the moment is not the right way. We buy it, we use it, it breaks or it’s not modern enough and we throw it away. What about instead of buying the product, we just rent it from the company and give it back. The company will use better materials to manufacture their items and they would get them back. The company would get their used ressources back and can reuse them!

The fact that we should get better products and we have less  trash because companies will use better materials to produce their stuff is a benefit for everybody. The environment, the customer and the producer. Why don’t we start like that and rethink our consumption?

C2C System: how it works

This idea is from the German chemist Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart and the American architect William McDonough.

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