»Every Last Drop« – a very cool website about saving water

Do you like HTML 5 and CSS 3 projects and all these new possibilities to make websites and animations? If yes, you should see this website made by Every child knows that water is a very important resources. If you shower you use water, if you do the dishes you use water, you use a lot of water everyday. There is more water we use over a day, but we don’t know that we are using it. The little guy on shows how much water we are actually using. A 5 minute shower is better than a regular bath (40 litres / 80 litres) but the big water amounts are for example in our clothes and our food and drinks! The website guides you through a day with nice informations, how we waste water and a very nice use of HTML 5 and CSS3.

Give  this website a look and be a bit more responsible with water or check out this short movie full of easy advices:





Image by: Frank Eivind Rundholt – (CC-BY-2.0)