projects – reduce the waste of food

The amount of food we waste in the industrial countries is massive. About 90 million tonnes are going to the trash can every year in Europe and about a third of all the produced food for human consumption is getting wasted. As you  can see the amount of food we don’t consume is huge and it’s in our hand to change this. Regarding the European Commission over 40% of food losses happen after harvest and during processing. Additional to this loss there are 40% food losses when the food is going to the retail stores and customers.

To reduce this waste a German website was founded:

This internet platform gives people (also vendors and manufacturers) the opportunity to share remaining food with other people. Without charges and anything else the groceries can be shared. You can share your remaining groceries via a mobile application for your smartphone or tablet or on your computer. Register as a individual, company or organization and help to reduce the waste.

I tried this service once but sadly there aren’t so many foodsharers around my place. So participate, join this community and start sharing :)!

Official website of foodsharing (this site has a little flag in the right top corner to be displayed in english)

find foodsharing on facebook

Stop food waste (a short movie mady by the European Commission)

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